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Eddie – Got a better understanding of other cultures

“The LanguaCulture Space is definitely a good place to learn and practice languages. Besides that, I made some friends and got a better understanding of other cultures through the activities. An interesting thing is that when I was organizing some events, I actually realized my poor knowledge of my own language and culture, which really encouraged me to explore my language and culture from another perspective.” 

Xunyang Su (George) – Quickly adapted to life in Ireland thanks to the LCS

“I moved to the new city to be an exchange student. Due to LCSpace, I knew many friends and participated in many activities. And there is no way of denying that we have a nice teacher who always helped us organize these kinds of events and helped us be involved in this such wonderful space. We quickly adapted to life here. It’s a very fresh and memorable experience on my part. We learned from each other. We talked about culture, interesting stories, lives, values and anything else. Just be ourselves and say what we feel. It was a pleasure to teach them Chinese and share with them, from which I knew much about their opinions on China and Chinese people. I like them, and we had a happy time. “

Sorcha  – Made many friends with native speakers at LCSpace

“I really enjoy my time in the LCSpace, as there is a great opportunity to use the languages I am learning with native speakers. This enabled me to make new friends, arrange social events and feel more confident in a new language. It has been really useful for intricate things, like learning slang in the language, or preparing for how to survive the year abroad. Most of all, the LCSpace has created friendships that I hope will last a lifetime!”

Luke  – Regained confidence in his Japanese

“My main goal was to go along with my friends from class, but over the semester I began making completely new friends and noticed a considerable jump in my Japanese abilities. Confidence has always been my biggest issue with Japanese, I always feel I over think everything I say and make silly mistakes, but the more I just chatted with natives, the more natural it became, and I felt I had reached the same level of confidence I had when I was abroad in Japan once again. Overall, I was really happy with my time in the LCSpace this semester. The atmosphere was always fun and the exchange students were always happy to help!”  

Ai – Gained a new perspective on her own culture





“Through LCSpace events, I could learn about other cultures and make deep interaction with international students. At the same time, I believe that I could enhance my English skills more than before.One of the most memorable events is the Japanese zodiac & Calligraphy event that I organized. Although it was a little hard to organize it by myself and to achieve the aim that every participant would enjoy and learn about Japanese culture, I was so glad that everyone wrote his or her own name in kanji in a fun atmosphere. Besides, I could see what international students think about Japanese culture and rediscover some attractive points of Japanese culture.

Thanks to LCSpace, my DCU life leaped dynamically. I recommend you try to join LCSpace events and to be a host member of events.”