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Intercultural Ambassador

Intercultural Ambassador Certificate Programme

Cristina – Intercultural Ambassador in the LCS

The School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (SALIS) is pleased to introduce the Intercultural Ambassador Certificate Programme. This Certificate will be awarded to DCU students who organise activities in the LanguaCulture Space (LCS), sharing their language and culture with other students.  It offers the opportunity to gain first practical work experience in intercultural relations.


The LCS is located on the Glasnevin Campus in the Henry Grattan Building, on the 1st floor, Room GLA.C135. It is a convivial space where DCU students can practise their foreign language skills in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Who and what?

We encourage International students who are native speakers of French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese to lead activities (conversations, games, films, culture quizzes, introductions to country and customs, food tasting, music etc..) in their own language, which will in turn help them to meet Irish students studying these languages at DCU. These are not teaching activities – but games or discussions which you will lead in your own language, and should be fun for you and Irish students. International students who are native speakers of other languages can volunteer to run activities relating to some aspect of their native culture also. 

Yuki – Intercultural Ambassador in the LCS

Irish students who wish to share Irish language or cultural activities with DCU International students are equally welcome to join the Intercultural Ambassador Certificate Programme. 

Multicultural activities can also be organised by students from different cultures coming together to offer evenings of music, storytelling, food, fashion, movies, politics, sports, comparative discussion on a particular theme or time of year (e.g. Christmas /New Year’s customs, college life etc..)

What do I need to do for the Certificate?

To qualify for the Intercultural Ambassador Certificate you have to:

  • Organise 3 events 
  • Attend 3 other events
  • Complete a short written report on each event you organized

If you wish to take part in this programme, please contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!