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Writing Competition 2019

For the writing competition during the winter semester 2019, we asked people to submit a story about (inter-)cultural encounter and (mis-)understanding.

Category/Theme: If Only I Had Known Before

Moving to and living in a new country is exciting and nerve-wrecking, sometimes funny, sometimes stressful, and sometimes triggers absurd experiences and hilarious misunderstandings. But most of all (whether we want it or not) in one way or another it’s educational, and at some point we are able to say: “Ahh, now I understand! If only I had known before!” Choose an incident/ a situation/ a feeling/ an encounter that left an impression on you while abroad and turn it into a story. It can be humorous, sad, tense, or in the form of a report. You can also choose to write a fictional story inspired by events that happened to you – you have complete creative freedom.

Unrooted Ramblings

by Adina Stefan Adina Stefan is a 4th year DCU student in SALIS. She was born in Romania and moved to Ireland at the age of ten. She spent a year abroad in Germany, and on the bus ride back to Ireland, she started writing down her reflections about the past years, if not decades, …

If Only I Had Known Before

by Ruth Molina Gracia Ruth Molina Gracia is a student of Translation Studies from Spain who spends a semester abroad in Ireland. Though initially wanting to become a vet, she discovered her love for languages through travelling which led her to study both English and German. Her story “If Only I Had Known Before” was …