French Events

Find out more about the regular events like the Conversation Classes, French Goûter or the Ciné-Club.

The events offered in the LCS vary from semester to semester, and are not limited to the ones presented here. Have a look at our weekly calendar and be inspired. All events are open to all students across the DCU campuses.

If you’re interested in organizing your own event or teaching a class, please get in touch.

Regular binge watchers at Club de Série

Club de Série

What is the French  word for “binge watching series”? “Binger” of course! Banish the guilt and watch one episode a week of a popular French series, subtitled in French, with other students. These sessions are mediated by French native speaker students with informal discussions of plot, favourite characters and cultural specificities taking place after the …

French Conversation Class

Different conversation classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners of French, taught by students who are native speakers of French. Students who conduct language classes receive an induction prior to their teaching to familiarize them with didactic techniques in language teaching and the communicative approach that is followed in the Languaculture Space.

Les Macarons

French Goûter

The English have their afternoon-tea, the French have their Goûter – the probably most important time of the day, when energy is about to run low and a little pick-me-up is needed. France is known for its cuisine, and even a simple afternoon snack can turn into a culinary experience.  Crêpes, chocolate, chocolate crêpes – …


A series of films showing a selection of the best of French cinema ranging from light-hearted comedies like Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis  to thought-provoking classics like La Haine.  All films are shown in French with English subtitles and are followed by discussion.