Spanish Conversation Classes

Different conversation classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced learners of Spanish, taught by students who are native speakers of Spanish. Students who conduct language classes receive an induction prior to their teaching to familiarize them with didactic techniques in language teaching and the communicative approach that is followed in the LanguaCulture Space.

Spanish Storytelling Club

Cuéntame una historia – tell me a story, please! For all lovers of telling, reading or listening to stories: this Storytelling Club brought together students who wanted to create narratives through the medium of Spanish. Being inspired by the great authors of literature, be it literatura espanola or latinoamericana, helped to spark the own creativity …

Spanish Merienda

La merienda española – the Spanish version of the afternoon snack, to fill your time and tummies between lunchtime and dinner. Spanish tastes and Spanish tongues meet, mix and mingle during this social event which really only serves to eat, meet and practice some Spanish! From churros to chorizo – there will be a bite …